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ID 287641

Caroline Knight

Founder of Billion Dollar Boy. Associate Editor of Glitterazi, freelance writer & social media enthusiast. Previous experience as research analyst in shipping.

ID 221877

Michael Haupt

Helping people filter the realtime web to conquer infobesity | CMO, Jottr

ID 302903


The time is now

ID 163496


Establishing a host of friends and creating biz whereby we add value relating to our needs and evolving as a community.

ID 77733

Aaron Marshall

Founder/Designer of @over

ID 184363

Chris Nyenhuis

Co-Founder of @eyesonfreight . 6 yrs experience in logistics & international business development • Studied at @university-of-missouri Political Science and Business background

ID 413357

Mathew Mckie

Proven strategist with track record of results through consumer insight data science

ID 499713

Alvaro Burgos

Founder Washr • Worked at @rocket-internet, @zalora-1 • Studied at @essec-business-school-paris

ID 210851

Jono Lewis

Worked at @google, @youtube • Studied at @university-of-cambridge

ID 20724

Adii Pienaar


Founder of @receiptful. Founder & ex-CEO of @woothemes. Also: author of Brandiing, new dad & ex-Rockstar.

ID 762709

Ashleigh Steinhobel

ID 128782

Jesse Green

Founder of @perk | Founded and sold @ubuntudeal-co-za | Entrepreneur

ID 648468

Dennis R. Abraham

Master of International Business with experience in data analysis, project management and business development with Dual Citizenship (German/American).

ID 143338

Mark Nlaani - MCP, MCTS, MCPD, MBCS

Accomplished Start-up Advisor

ID 532452

Jonty Angel

Google, Electrical Engineer BSc (Honours), London Business School, Startups, product marketing and biz dev background, entrepreneur, team player - I am a photographer

ID 612530

Martin Chesno

Entrepreneur..exploring for the next best opportunity to help with...

ID 159851

Wolfgang von Loeper

Founder MySmartFarm, Farmer, 2nd startup @wedderwill-wine-estate (GM), 1st startup student consult @zeppelin-university(BBA), winner of German Business Cup 2002

ID 193312

Carel Kuschke

citizen of the world, mensch, live life like art, seek to understand, IT consultant, slightly lighter shade African with a bit of a bicycle obsession

ID 880379

Christoff Smuts

I am a Media Mechanic, I am a Video Producer. My production skills ranges from editing to directing. I also do motion graphics animation.

ID 884039

chris scullard

Managing Member of Triple C Repro & Print.Advanced Sales and Marketing background.Over 15 years experience in the print,design and publishing industry.

ID 581016

Jacques Nel

As an entrepreneur and an experienced digital marketing and business executive, I enjoy the challenges of driving strategy and growth in businesses.

ID 259879

Matt Aberdein

Analysis, project management, user experience, online education, music production and job development. BusSci Honours in Information Systems

ID 853504

Sean Brodie

Engineering Student • Cofounded StratusNote

ID 545558

Fabian Damboeck

Worked at @cultoria-gmbh, @atoss-software-ag • Studied at @university-of-stellenbosch, @university-of-eichst-ing-ingolstadt

ID 517951

Jonathan Jeromé Greyvenstein

PubRocK Online Radio, started internet radio station. Run by only me. Musician and creative junkie.

ID 200116

Angelique Bailey

Creative producer and media consultant with an entrepreneurial spirt. Experienced in broadcast, digital and public relations. Have Brain. Will Travel.

ID 258639

Andrew Lynch

Founder of Cablekiosk

ID 285842

Lima Bean

Graphic Designer/Social Media Person • Good Food/Cake/Tattoo appreciator • Love B-Grade Movies • A little OCD so I only follow 290 people • Future NYC resident

ID 889997

Sonia Panday

 Visionary | Entrepreneur | Strategic Thinker | Creative Expressionist |  Digital Lordess

ID 119992

Nicholas McCreath

CEO of Worked with various startups across SEA and previously headed up Product for one of the largest ISP's in Africa

ID 279110

Chris Roos

CEO of Crowdseed. Biggest crowdfunding platform on the African continent. Strong entrepreneurship mentoring skills. Passionate about people and new business.

ID 674678

Michelle Salati

Expert marketer

ID 804829

Jacqui Hawtrey

Marketing professional. Over 10 years experience.

ID 406123

Ross Johnson

Committed to excellence and here to make a positive difference, create value and write new rules.

ID 523544

Jonathan Oliver Fourie

Problem Solver, Growth Hacker and developing developer.

ID 406161

Leandra Aytch

Worked at @radisson

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