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Tsitso Tlali

The Mobile and HTML5 Developer and Tech entrepreneur!!! #ResponsiveDesign #Nodejs #Android #iOS

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Nur Ahmad Furlong

I’m an Independent & ethically focused Digital Designer, Design Thinker & User Experience(UX) Consultant, living in the World Design Capital 2014 - Cape Town.

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Sean Brodie

Engineering Student • Cofounded StratusNote

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Aaron Marshall

Founder/Designer of @over

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Justin Hancock

Creative director in the start-up industry of Israel, 12 years experience in multiple areas of interactive new media and new technologies design. South African

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Igor Hobotov

Years of graphic design experience in advertising, print & web. In recent years I've been mainly focusing on user interface design for web applications.

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Matthew Smit

BA in Philosophy. Strong in the field of innovation and creativity. Currently self learning HTML, JAVA and Python, looking for internship opportunity

ID 285842

Lima Bean

Graphic Designer/Social Media Person • Good Food/Cake/Tattoo appreciator • Love B-Grade Movies • A little OCD so I only follow 290 people • Future NYC resident

ID 8232

Justin R. Melville

Delivered by a doctor in a tuxedo. Designer. Futurist. Creative Director (@healthq). Founder (@airborne). Co-founder (The @rubiks-room). Chicken wings.

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The time is now

ID 348914

Ian Jamieson

Creative Director @ Global Africa Network Pty Ltd, and Frontier Market Intelligence Ltd. A driven creative professional who is passionate about iconic design.

ID 184363

Chris Nyenhuis

Co-Founder of @eyesonfreight . 6 yrs experience in logistics & international business development • Studied at @university-of-missouri Political Science and Business background

ID 505882

Jana de Klerk

UI / UX Designer

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